Heybop.com hackathon

This weekend we at creatingstuff.io had a hackathon to build a music quiz. Heybop is a music quiz that you can use to play music quizzes locally with your friends, family, and alone. All you need is a Spotify account to be able to host your game, then you’re ready to play.

We started to work on it around lunch on Saturday. We started by mapping out what we needed to do on post-it notes and put them up on a kanban on a door.

heybop camera image

When we were done with that it was time to code, we had actually prepared a design the day before so we could focus 100% on coding and developing.

heybop camera image

After about 9 hours of code and a lot of coffee we had something that was kinda working, some bugs here and there but we could play our first round of the music quiz.

heybop camera image

After that was complete we did some finishing touches, fixed the bugs we found, created a landing page, and then the hackathon was officially ended.

Now some days after we have read and found that in some cases trivia quizzes should not use Spotify API and therefore it is difficult to bring the product to a larger audience, or commercialize the product. We will contact someone at Spotify to see if that’s the case for this application too. If it is, we will have to change the way we currently are playing songs.

Super fun experience with this hackathon and we will definitely create more of them, we live-streamed this hackathon but we had zero viewers so didn’t get much out of it this time. In the future, we will announce in beforehand of the hackathon and hopefully someone will watch us build stuff. Now, Heybop is not completed and we will keep on working on it, so contact us if you got any feedback or feature requests!