Cabinetio - Beer recommendation software (January 2022)

Hey, we are Andreas Samuelsson and Elias Juremalm and we are the creators of & Cabinetio. We are two engineers from Sweden that really enjoy creating stuff that solves problems either we have or other people have.

Cabinetio is an application that acts as a digital cicerone (beer recommender). Cabinetio helps you find new beers based on previous beers you’ve liked. We provide the user with three different recommendation categories; what they should like based on taste and beer style, what they could like based on taste but with a different beer style, and challenging beers that are not like the usual beer style the user likes.

Currently, Cabinetio is in Swedish since the beer data and information we used come in Swedish.

Why did we build Cabinetio?

It can be hard to find new beers that you would probably like and many people do not have the time or energy to research what kind of beers they like. Instead they fall back on their default beer and stay with that. With Cabinetio these people can easily discover new products by liking and disliking beers and get a recommendation based on those.

How did we build Cabinetio?

Cabinetio is built up by an API and a front-end client. The front-end client is built with React, Next.js, Typescript. For styling, Tailwindcss is used. Our backend is running a Neo4J database that we integrate using our API built with Python.

We started building this app at the end of December 2021 and we’ve had some great progress since.

Here comes some simple screenshots of how it looks.





Developing this product was not that hard since we both have experience with the tech stack and we both had a clear image of what we were going to build. Something we need to do now however is to validate the product and test it with users. Usually, this is the key for a product but we wanted to create our MVP in code to make it useful and then validate (mostly because we wanted to use this product). So we have at least two happy users 😄

Cabinetio has been a really fun project to work on and we hope to be able to work more on it in the future to be able to add features such as being able to do the same with wines. We had some great flow during this project and it was really fun to work on!

We will be posting relevant info/metrics about Cabinetio on our Twitter: @creatingstuffio

See you in the next project post 👋