Reciprepp - Meal planning and shopping list generator

Reciprepp is a meal planning and shopping list generator application. With Reciprepp you can generate recipe collections for any number of days based on preferences and categories. When you’ve chosen your desired recipes you get a shopping list based on the groceries needed for your recipes. You can easily add items to the shopping list, and share them if you’re not shopping alone, with your partner for example. Apart from our recipe generator, you have the choice of choosing from curated recipe collections, saved recipes, or recipes you’ve added yourself.

Currently, Reciprepp is launched in Sweden and we only offer Swedish recipes. Our target group is households that want to spend less time planning what to buy and cook.

We started building Reciprepp because we wanted to spend less time planning meals ourselves. A lot of households including both of ours have a default set of recipes that we very often fall back on because we do not have the energy or time to find new ones. We wanted to create something that lets you find recipes suited for your needs as well as have the opportunity to be flexible.

Something we find interesting is how comfortable we’ve become since we started using Reciprepp ourselves. It really improves how we eat and every day feels a little bit exciting to try something new (sometimes we select the same recipes because they were too darn good). Shopping with Reciprepp’s shopping list also makes going grocery shopping a little bit fun. With the sorted shopping list based on existing store sections, you don’t have to be running around the whole store, you can check the sections, and you’ll feel super effective.

We’d love to hear how you plan your meals and grocery shopping currently!