Welcome to creatingstuff.io

Hey, we are Andreas Samuelsson and Elias Juremalm and we are the creators of creatingstuff.io. We are two engineers from Sweden that really enjoy creating stuff that solves problems either we have or other people have. We love to design, create and innovate.

This leads us to creatingstuff.io. What is this? Creatingstuff.io is somewhat of an experiment for us. The idea behind creatingstuff.io is to create and launch 12 new products during 2022. One product each month. We created creatingstuff.io because we had such a long list of stuff we wanted to produce and create. So we decided to build 12 of these ideas for 12 months, inspired by Pieter levels. In the upcoming 12 months we will force ourselves to produce quickly, launch quickly and talk to users. Kinda like the three pillars of a good product development flow.

We’ll constantly evaluate finished products and evaluate the traction it gets. If we’ll notice that a finished product starts getting traction we’ll just roll with it, otherwise we’ll just continue with our planned roadmap. The plan is to bootstrap as much as possible, but if we’ll notice that there is something to gain from running after funding for a product that’s gotten traction we’ll do that (by applying to Y Combinator for example).

Each month we will post a longer blog post where we describe that month's product, on our youtube channel we will also upload videos of our meetings, code sessions, etc. Twitter and Instagram are the other social media platforms where we will be posting more often so make sure to follow us there. We want to upload and be transparent because the idea of building in public is something that we find awesome and it resonates with us so that's the plan for all our products and this experiment.

See you at the end of January 2022 when we launch our first product, and if you want to see what we’re working on already check out our Instagram and Twitter.